“What is the key to boost blog engagement?” – This is one of the most pressing questions asked by every blogger. Want the honest truth? Well, it takes a lot. The era where “content is king” is an often quoted rule, it takes much more than great content to encourage audience engagement. Here are the proven ways to boost your blog engagement. Let’s dive in.

Get to Know Your Audience

You spend hours slaving over a carefully worded post and then just get greeted with cricket sounds after hitting the publish button. Great content only serves as a starting line; your first aim should be to churn content that will resonate with your audience. You need to get exactly who your audience is, what they need help with and how your blog can help them.

Include Magnetic Headlines

Do you know as per the studies, blog traffic can fluctuate as much as 500% just by the headlines?  With giant of information available on the web on the topic, you are writing, competition for audience’ attention is stern. So, let your intriguing and impressive headline help you beat the competition. 

Perk up Your Linking Strategy

Some think that linking is all about SEO, but it actually not. Linking is a way to give your readers the chance to check out more relevant content. Internal linking is the smart way to keep your readers engaged with your site. For building trust, in the long run, your content must include external linking to authoritative sites. Just ensure the links to be more credible and interesting.

Involve Some Engaging Quiz

The key to exerting a pull on the readers is to present the content in an appealing way. An interactive quiz can work wonders. For instance, a long article on topic like life insurance can be quite dreary to read on. However, if you manage to put a life-insurance quiz, like the below quiz from Health IQ with all the necessary information, it will make it more interesting.

Keep these guidelines in mind before you hit the finish line where your engaged audience waits for you. For more blogging related and an assortment of other quizzes, visit HealthIQ.com.